Franch Sud Services SNC

General information

Sud Services Snc has been a port operator in Port La Nouvelle for 25 years. Thanks to its experience in all kinds of maritime traffics, Sud Services brings its customers a complete offer, in accordance with sound practices and safety of persons and goods.

Shipping agency

At the very heart of our activity lies the shipping agency along with the stevedoring. Years of experience of team allow us to offer swift and successful calls for all parties involved.


As an renowned stevedore with experienced staff, Sud Services ensures a high quality service for all kinds of goods (bulk, general cargo, project cargo…)

Storage & Warehousing

Sud Services Snc can offer you outdoors and covered Storage solutions through the installations/layout of our group subsidiaries and the port manager.

Port clearance

On behalf of shipowners, Sud Services snc carries out the port clearance for their vessels : gathering and transmission of required documents, drafting and filing of manifests, payment of port dues.

Freight forwarding

Helping our economic operators through cargo documentary assistance and pertinent advise is for us the key to a successful import/export operation : From the drafting of bills of lading, the establishment of phytosanitary and veterinary certificates, to the management of the documentary package in strict compliance with the instructions, we offer the experience.

Customs formalities

Mastering the status of goods and their placement under an appropriate regime at each stage of the supply chain is crucial for a smooth and swift operation. As an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) since 2010 and Registered Customs Representative since 1997, Sud Services offers you its expertise in port clearance.

Control and inspection

Sud Services Snc provides quality and quantity control services for incoming and outgoing goods at storage facilities and for transport purposes, including ship’s holds, trucks, silos, containers and trains. We are also a member of GAFTA, and a member of BIPEA and INCOGRAIN / Syndicat de Paris.

Corporate group

Sud Services Snc is a subsidiary of the leading agricultural and food processing cooperative group Axereal. Operating in France and around the world, originating grain and specialising in its processing for the brewing, milling and livestock industries, Axereal, with its 3900 employees, is committed to sustainable development and massive investments.


S.A.K Offshore was created with the ambition to gather experienced companies in wind turbine projects, renewable marine energies and industrial port logistics, in order to fulfill the expectations of the Floating windmill developers in Port-La Nouvelle; it combines the skills of Sud Services Snc, Médiaco group, Capelle Transports, and Maritime Kuhn group. Member of the CEMATER positive energy cluster for a commitment to environmental issues.


Sud Services Snc will connect you with its network of trustworthy professionals in terms of shipbrokering, quality assurance, maintenance, maritime expertise.